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One of the most exciting developments in recent years is our progress in eliminating post oeprative surgical wound infections . We know have data for over 2 years working with our Neurosurgical Group. The operative patients had many of the predisposing factors commonly seen in postoperative infections -obesity BMI> 30 in 45% and  current tobacco use 45%.The program includes the following:

1.Risk assessment of infection at the time of surgery

2.Nasal screening for MSSA and MRSA. Effective decolonization proved by repeat culture.

3.Very high risk patients referred to ID for clearance pre surgery.

4.Tobacco Cessation for 1 month pre and post procedure

5.Pre-operative bathing  daily with Hibiclens for the 72 hours pre surgery + Hand washing.

6.Sage Cloths the night before  and the morning of surgery.

7.Surgical prophylaxis guided by patient history and nasal and hand cultures.Either vancomycin or cefazolin

8.Chlorhexidine used in preparation of the surgical site. Other compounds may be used in addition to chlorhexidine

9.Strong attention to peri-operative gluscose control.

10.Use of Hibiclens for bathing and hand washing for 1 week post surgery

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