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A. huge shout out to CVS for discontinuing the indefensible and hypocritical practice of vending cigarettes in a health care institution–a pharmacy. Tobacco use has continued to drop like  a stone -now about 18% nationwide–but still above 20% in Mississippi. Now that many pharmacies have adopted competitive practices with physicians –immunizations and evaluating immunization status–it is more than high time that all pharmacies eliminate

this practice. You would not expect to see cigarettes sold in a doctors office or a hospital.This has all but disappeared entirely. Make sure that your pharmacy does not sell cigarettes.This action should put pressure on all the other big chains such as Walmart and Rite Aid. Vote with your wallet. If your pharmacy sells cigarettes ask them to stop. If they don’t– go to a non-tobacco vending pharmacy for your pharmaceutical needs.

A terrific public health initiative by CVS.Lets all get on board.

Dr. Smith


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