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The Center is devoted to the minimization of the impact of infectious disease in individuals and institutions. It achieves this goal through the model of patient care prevention, treatment, research and education.

I. For Individual ambulatory Patients

A. Prevention

  1. Stock all adult vaccines

B. Treatment

  1. Outpatient ambulatory consults
    1. Initiation of outpatient IV antibiotic therapy
    2. Initially at home, infusion center to follow
  2. Inpatient care & consults
    1. Follow-up of inpatient consultation in Center

II. Institutions

A. Epidemiologic Services- River Oaks

  1. Other HMA hospitals in state as requested

B. Pharmacy- Assist in antibiotic selection, monitoring and education, in coordination with Chief of Pharmacy. Serve on the P and T Committee.

C. Employee Health– Advise regarding ID issues

D. Outpatient Antibiotic Program– works with Social Services to develop program to shorten hospital stay.

III. Education

A. Individual Patient

B. Physicians

  1. One-on-one
  2. Lectures/symposia
  3. ID connect
  4. Electronic newsletter

C. Hospitals

  1. Symposia
  2. consultation

IV. Research

A. Bring new state-of-the-art programs and drugs to River Oaks

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