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Education and Research

Education is fundamental to all of the Center’s activities and audiences including:

Individual Patients:

The Center views education as a fundamental part of every patient relationship. We engage our patients to insure that there is a continual understanding of options and treatments.


The Center also provides physician training and continuing education by way of one-on-one engagements, lectures/symposia, ID connect and an electronic newsletter


We provide specific consulting as well as symposia for hospitals and medical facilities.

The Center of Infectious Disease Excellence is also involved in research projects and drives initiatives to bring new state-of-the-art programs and drugs to exiting medical programs.

Dr. David Smith

Dr. Smith has participated in over 300 research studies during his 37 year career. He has studied virtually all the antibiotics currently available. From 2002-2006 he was Director of Antibiotic Research in the Division of Infectious Disease at UMMC. Dr. Smith maintains close contacts with infectious disease programs throughout the country including Duke, Mayo Clinic and the NIH. He is well equipped to interface with these institutions forĀ  advice and or patient transfer.

Dr. Smith currently serves as Clinical Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. He has previously been Chief of Infectious Disease at the University of Missouri-Columbia and later was a Clinical Professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

He is listed in Best Doctors in the United States. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. He is the Senior Infectious Disease Clinician in the state of Mississippi and the only Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society in private practice

Dr. Smith is available to give presentations on any infectious disease topic. He is a widely sought after speaker and has presented over 1000 presentations on a variety of infectious disease topics.

For specific information on educational and research activities related to the Center or for information regarding speaking engagements, please contact us directly during business hours.

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