Influenza 2009 Mississippi

The Mississippi State Department of Health has identified 20 cases of Influenza as of 2/16/2009.No cases have been confirmed  in Hinds,Rankin and Madison counties though we have identified approximately 10 at our facility though rapid antigen testing(not included in the 20 total).Thus the true number is probably in the 200-500 category statewide.The most reliable indicators of influenza activity are 1. Increased school absenteeism 2. Increased Numbers of Respiratory Deaths.

Important facts about influenza this year and every year.

1.The diagnosis of influenza is a clinical one strongly suggested by a. The time of year and activity known to be in the state and your communityb.Symptoms suggestive a a severe respiratory illness-usually with high fevers and myalgia.It is much different than the common cold.

2.Influenza testing is poor.a. The rapid test is only about 60% sensitive. It will miss 4 out of 10 cases of influenza.b.Viral cultures are not easily available and the results are delayed past any clinical usefulness.

3.Influenza vaccines are the first line of defense and are moderately effective.They are recommended for children and adolescents as well as the usual age groups. We are probably moving towards universal influenza immunization-especially as we are seeing rapid development of resistance to first line prophylactic/treatment agents.

4.A nasal vaccine is now available for those who prefer this method to shots.Contact the Center.

4..77% of the influenza strains isolated this year are of the new resistant H1N1 variety.

These strains are resistant to Tamiflu

Treatment Recommendations for the Influenza Season 2009

1.First line treatment is Relenza–the inhaled Glaxo product.

2.If for some reason Relenza cannot be used or is not available use the combination of  Tamiflu and Rimantadine or Amantadine

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