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On Line Breast Milk Controversy

A recent article in the Journal of Pediatrics revealed to many of us that there is a large traffic in human breast Milk on the Internet.The authors of the above article describe reviewing almost 13,000 posts either for selling or buying of human milk.There is a apparently no regulation of this product whatsoever. The study showed substantial contamination rates of the milk obtained with  Staphylococci,Streptococci and lesss frequently Salmonella.This is not surprising  tothe infectious disease community as “raw” unpasteurized bovine milk has always been a source of a variety of infectious disease problems. This product is generally banned in most states. The unregulated human unpasteurized breast milk market would seem to be more frequent and dangerous than previously known. Congratulations to the authors for exposing the practice and the potential dangers thereof

Best to all Dr. Smith 10/22/2013 1700

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