Business continues to be very brisk.The many different stories about travel risks

such as the resistant E.coli outbreak in Europe emphasize the importance of

education and risk minimimzation for foreign travel.The center is the only full service Travel  Travel Medicine  Clinic open 9-5 daily.Other advantages it offers:

1.Full information from CDC and WHO on any travel risks -updated daily by

nurse and physician

2.Yellow Fever Center.

3.On site physician at all times .Ability to write all needed prescriptions-not

usually available at Health Department Clinics.

4.Extremely nice facilities.

5.Parking lot very safe –unlikely to  be car-jacked while seeing the Travel

Medicine nurse.

6.24/7 availability of physician should any adverse reaction to immunizations

or problems on trip occur.Availability to se and evaluate individuals with post

trip problems.Not available at Health Department Clinics.

7.Physician founder with 30 years of experience in Travel Medicine

.Previously established 1 of first clinics in Midwest in Kansas City –still thriving

after 30 years.

1040 River Oaks Drive, Ste 303
Flowood, MS 39232

tel: 601.936.0706
fax: 601.936.6150

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